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via Cort Freeman on Canva

While there’s certainly never a bad time for a Dad Joke, I think we can all agree if there was a best time for one…it would have to be Father’s Day.

Dad Jokes never cease to make us laugh…and/or cringe. Always one of those. In fact, sometimes I think what makes them funny is the fact that they often aren’t funny at all. Somehow, them not being funny makes them funny.

As you know, there can be Dad Jokes about pretty much anything. Dad’s arsenal is deep and never ending. There are dad jokes about marriage, children, sports, food, and yes–there are even Dad Jokes about Rock and Roll.

I took to the internet to find the 11 best rock and roll Dad Jokes the web could offer. I don’t think I found the 11 best, but I think this will do. Again, I did not write these. I need to make that clear both for legal reasons, and because I take my comedy very seriously and don’t want these jokes–which are great Dad Jokes–to be credited to me because…well, you get it.

Before we get to the list, do you think you’re the Dad Joke master? Have a couple up your sleeve? Submit your Ultimate Dad Joke and you’ll be registered to win a four-pack of tickets to MJR Theaters. If you don’t want to share your joke, don’t worry! There’s an additional way that you can qualify to win the four-pack of tickets to MJR Theaters! You can take the Dad Super Hero Quiz, to find out which Super Hero your dad is! Take the quiz and BOOM you’re registered! It’s simple and fun…and then you’ll have even more fun at MJR because…it’s more fun at MJR.

Now, let’s get to the list! Here are 11 Dad Jokes That Rock For Father’s Day:

Father's Day

via Cort Freeman on Canva

  • How can you catch a drummer?

    You lay down a snare!

  • What does Roger Daltrey say when you prank call him?

    Tell me who are you!?

  • What's a cookie's favorite rock band?

    OREO Speedwagon!

  • Why did the chicken want to join a rock band?

    He already had a set of drum sticks!

  • What's a pirate's favorite band?


  • What do you call a gunship playing rock and roll?

    An AC-DC130!

  • I like my temperature like my Rock and Roll...

    67 to 73

  • What's a leprechaun's favorite type of music?

    Shamrock and roll!

  • Did you know that rock and roll can be used as a foundation?

    Well, they built this city on it!

  • What do you call it when a Wookiee plays a guitar alone on stage?

    A Han Solo!

  • What is Indiana Jones' least favorite band?

    The Rolling Stones!

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