Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

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After living across the country, there’s nothing like coming back home to Detroit. After graduating from MSU, I’ve lived here there and everywhere, with pit stops in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Chicago, and a few others that I’ve already forgotten about.

Comedy is my passion and I’ve performed it across the country, both standing up and sitting down. Growing up in Clarkston, we always had our radio locked on WRIF, and it’s unreal to now be working on the iconic station home of comedic talents like Dave and Chuck The Freak, and going back Drew and Mike.

It’s an honor to be behind the mic on WRIF Saturday Nights from 7pm-midnight. To get to know more about what I’ve done, where I’ve been, and who I’ve done it with keep reading!

  • I Have An English Bulldog Named Farley

    Yup, he is indeed named after funnyman Chris Farley. Just like his namesake, he’s big, goofy, and is capable of destroying your home at anytime. He’s a Sour Patch Kid. One minute he’s sour, the next he’s sweet. We like to say Farley is “the right amount of trouble.”

    We rescued him in 2018 and he’s the greatest and provides constant entertainment. He’s more active than your average English Bulldog. He loves going for long walks and swims. When he walk he’s always leader of the pack. You cannot beat him, he won’t let it happen. Then, he loves cuddling up on the couch thinking he’s a lapdog. A 50 pound lapdog.

    Very grateful that we were able to find him and make him a part of the family. He’s the funniest ever and I’m sure you’ll hear me tell stories about him.

  • I Interned For Comedy Central

    My Senior year at Michigan State, I had the opportunity to intern at Comedy Central. It was nothing short of a dream come true. I got to go live in Santa Monica, California for a semester and made great friends and had a blast working in their digital department creating content. Life is crazy sometimes, it sounds like a cliche but never give up on your dreams, they’re worth pursuing.

  • I Don't Play Any Instruments, But Often Pretend I Do

    The internet is a misinformation factory, and occasionally I will take advantage of that. It doesn’t matter if I don’t play guitar, as long as it looks like I do, right? That’s what’s really important these days.

  • I'm Scared Of Bees

    I know this is supposed to be about 10 things you might not know about me, and truthfully anyone who knows me knows that I am scared of bees. Not just some little fear. It’s a full blown irrational fear with me. If I see one I will scream like a school girl and run away as fast as I can, taking out any senior citizen or child in my way. The wasps with the dangly legs are the worst. So intimidating. It almost makes me miss winter. Almost. I’m not sure what caused it because I’ve rarely been stung. I think it’s that My Girl movie. Eek.

  • I Have A Collection Of Seth Rogen's Ash Trays

    Everyone collects something, right? For me, it’s ash trays from Seth Rogen’s Houseplant line. Seth is my favorite person that I’ve never met and I appreciate his art form. The ash trays are so cool! I don’t even smoke cigarettes and I have a plethora of them, and plan to one day collect them all.

    Take a look at the collection I’ve got going so far:

  • I Enjoy Traveling

    I love getting out and seeing the world. Traveling domestically is great, but crossing the pond is always an incredible experience. Some of my favorite places include Ireland (I loved the small seaside town of Doolin on the west coast, could be my favorite place on this green earth), Amsterdam, Colmar, and Sayulita.

    Hopefully, I’ll find time in the near future to cross some new places off my list. I still haven’t been to Italy and would love to one day get down to New Zealand to see the Shire and Hobbit homes.

  • Worked As A Social Media Correspondent For The Colbert Report

    Whoever said you should never met your heroes must not have looked up to Stephen Colbert. After winning a contest hosted by Comedy Central and Pepsi, I had the privilege of being The Colbert Report’s Social Media Correspondent for Colbchella 2012. It was an unbelievable experience that I’ll never forget, and Stephen was the greatest guy ever. He took the time to chat with me and was one of a kind. I say meet your heroes.

  • I Like Shoes

    I tend to be sort of frugal and don’t like spending money on material things…except for shoes. I have a few pairs of J’s and would like to have enough to have a pair for any color outfit. I’m getting there. Outside of Jordans, I am loyal to the Nike brand. I have several pairs of Air Force Ones, and have been fiercely loyal to them since Nelly dropped the song. However, my favorite shoes are Air Force Twos. They’re so comfortable and I love the style.

  • Created A Web Series "Campus Chowdown"

    I’m a bit of a foodie, but not in the fancy sense. I’m a simple man, but when I travel I love going to restaurants that have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri or restaurants that were on Man v Food with Adam Richman.

    I’m such a big fan of those shows that I decided to start my own food web series, Campus Chowdown. For the series, me and a friend would hit up different campuses and participate in the biggest eating challenges at that school. It was a ton of fun…a full, fun time. One time, I dressed up as Guy Fieri for an episode. Check that out above.

  • I Have A M'Lady

    We’ve been together for…holy cow…going on 8 years now and she’s my favorite noun.

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