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Don't let your Fantasy Football season go like this...(Photo by Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images)

The 2023-2024 NFL Season is quickly approaching, which is great because not only do we get real sports on TV again, no offense baseball, but it also means the return of Fantasy Football. This is a popular week for Fantasy Football Drafts, so it’s best you be prepared.

According to the Sports Management Degree Hub, more than 40 million people play Fantasy Football every year. Chances are you are one of those 40 million. Now, that could be weekly leagues, or the PPR league you’ve been a part of for 15 years (and are still looking for that coveted first championship, I’ve been there, you’re not alone).

Time To Get Serious

Some leagues even opt to incorporate epic punishments for the person in the league who comes in last place. Much of that is probably owed to the hit FX sitcom ‘The League.’ These punishments vary from tattoos to posting embarrassing photos online, and everywhere in between…and beyond. With these sorts of humiliating punishments involved in Fantasy leagues, it’s important you don’t make a fool out of yourself out there. There tends to be one dummy in every league, and I’m here to help ensure that this year, it’s not you.

Not only is it important to not lose your league, the most important thing is being invited back for the next year. You don’t want to be so bad at Fantasy Football that you don’t get invited back to the league next year. You also don’t want to annoy the league and your fellow competitors. There are many things you can do that will tick them off, and will cause you to be looking for a new league the following year. Don’t let that be you. To help, I’ve identified five common mistakes managers make in Fantasy Football that you should avoid this season. If you avoid these Fantasy Football mistakes, I can guarantee that not only will you be invited back next year, you’ll avoid punishments by not coming in last place. Winning is great and all, but the goal is simply not to be worst. Winning money at the end is nice, but your pride is worth much more than a $100 buy in. Trust me.

Now, obviously there are the obvious mistakes you want to avoid. I’m not counting those mistakes, like drafting a QB or kicker too early. I’m not here to give you a drafting strategy guide. I just want to establish a foundation for you to follow to avoid losing. There are much better sources you can find if you’re looking for sleeper picks, I’m not going there (not today, at least).

Fantasy Football Draft

Fantasy Football Draft (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Microsoft)

Mistakes To Avoid Making In Fantasy Football

  • The Auto-Drafter

    Look, we all are going to make some sort of mistake throughout the season, it’s inevitable. Please, please, please don’t start the season by missing your draft date. I feel like every year someone misses the draft or randomly experiences internet or Wi-Fi problems during the draft. Plan ahead, and don’t let that happen. Letting the computer auto-draft for you is a sure way to start a losing season. It’ll also be a guarantee that you won’t be invited back next year, even if you turn things around.

  • The Non-Committed Player

    After you’ve successfully shown up for the draft and drafted your own team, it’s important that you stay committed throughout the entire season. Not just until you realize you won’t make the playoffs, or something. Every week matters and you have to play it that way. No empty lineups, it’s never acceptable. Plan ahead for the bye weeks, and be active on the waivers. There are plenty of people waiting and willing to take your spot. Make sure to take the league seriously.

  • The Cheesy Team Name

    Not everything has to be taken seriously in Fantasy Football. You need to get a little goofy and creative when it comes to naming your team. However, you can’t be too goofy. You need to find that sweet spot. A quality pun involving a player on your team is always a good idea. You could even make a pun out of your own name, that’s acceptable, too. Any team name that burns one of your friends is also encouraged. Here is a list of some funny team names that Bleacher Report put together, if you’re in need of some inspiration.

  • The Over Trader

    While it’s good to be active throughout the season, you want to avoid being a little too active at the same time. Constantly pitching trades will greatly annoy your league…and will make you look desperate and not trust worthy. A quality trade should improve all parties, if you’re out to betray someone chances are they’ll be able to smell it coming and you won’t be a welcomed player in the league.

  • The Homer

    I’m a proud Lions fan, but that doesn’t mean I have to draft every Lions player. Too often you’ll see Fantasy Football managers turn into Homers, and that’s a mistake that could be costly. Use your knowledge of the team to select one player you know will have a great season, or if you really feel confident you could do the QB to receiver 1 combo, but that’s a high risk, high reward play that could prove to be risky and inconsistent. Don’t let the love of your team in reality cross over into your fantasy. Keep them both where they belong. Fantasy football is a game of numbers, be careful letting your heart and emotions get involved.

    Fantasy Football Champion

    Draftstreet Fantasy Football Championship (Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for DraftStreet)

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