In true creepy fashion here is Ronald McDonald wearing specs. He's not event he creepiest looking thing to come out of McDonalds!

We as Americans love many things. We love sports, alcohol, dogs and melted cheese. Horror is one genre humans in general enjoy too! Fast food is also for better or worse a favorite of ours. Think of how many times you’ve seen a commercial with Ronald McDonald smiling next to children at play? I for one loved having fast food as much as any kid, however Ronald McDonald along with other guys in big furry costumes (looking at you Chuck E. Cheese) were just down right chilling to me and still are.

Sometimes our loves crossover and create something terrifying. In this case, our love for fast food and horror combine to make the ultimate mixture. Fast food mascots that stare into your soul with their creepiness. Have you ever pictured the Burger King staring at you while you sleep? No? Well this list may open your eyes to how creepy fast food can get! Read on to discover which 5 fast food mascots give even Michael Myers a run for his money! You know because they’re creepy, not because they killed a bunch of people or anything…

  • 5. The Noid

    Originating in the 1980’s “The Noid” is one of the most demented looking food mascots out there. I mean who thought a weird creature with a skin tight red jumpsuit and rabbit ears made for a great pizza mascot anyway? Fun fact, in 2001 a Dominos customer named Ken Noid held 2 employees hostage for 5 hours!

  • 4. The King

    The King began his reign of terror back in the late 1960’s at a time when Burger King used to hire performers to cosplay as royals in front of their restaurants. It gets more creepy. “The King” supposedly got his start when children were invited to blow up balloons with helium tanks featuring a large plastic head attached to it… That head? You guessed right, it’s the king of burgers himself.

  • 3. The Spongemonkey

    Quiznos has one of the weirdest Frankenstein-like monsters on this list. Whatever you want to classify this character as, it is nothing more than a bizarre roadkill looking rodent of some planet unknown.

  • 2. Jack

    Jack in the box is one of the less popular fast food franchises on this list, but their mascot was apparently born on a Colorado cattle ranch and has a wife named cricket. A clever backstory for a ping pong headed man with a painted face who’s image keeps all of the children up at night in fear.

  • 1. Mayor McCheese

    Finally we have reached the creepiest of the creeps. The one image you don’t want to see when you close your eyes at night. He’s a mayor of a fictional land and he’s made of meat and cheese. Mayor McCheese is the stuff of nightmares. He’d be the current mayor of McDonaldland today and possibly the world if it weren’t for a copyright lawsuit.

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