Halloween Tips and Tricks

Today’s theme is populated by the generally accepted scary, creepy and mystical creatures of the night. Happy haunting.

Night of the Demon – Demon:   Demon are (in my opinion) kind of the Grandparent band of Ghost. Their images and subject matter are much darker and far more threatening that their actual music. The album cover for this album also called Night of the Demon is among the most wicked you’ll find from the decade of the 80s.

Devil’s Food/Black Widow – Alice Cooper:   Hands down the best spider-based song ever written. In fact they should just retire the subject matter as this will never be topped. The inclusion of horror legend Vincent Price doing the narration (7 Years before Michael Jackson ripped off the idea) is exquisite.  – If I may put forward a slice of personal philosophy, I feel that Man has ruled this world as a stumbling, demented child-king long enough! And as his empire crumbles, my precious Black Widow shall rise as his most fitting successor!”

Salem (Burn the Witch) – Nothing More:   The chorus states: “Burn the witch or stone and rope to bind her soul. Sink or Swim and watch the truth drown below”. The song is actually about judging people too quickly, without also examining yourself. However the sinister laugh, that powerful chorus and the cool little Wizard of Oz closing makes this a perfect Halloween selection.

Rats – Ghost:   As much as I love to describe music and single out specifics to listen for…this one really needs no additional commentary.

Came Back Haunted – Nine Inch Nails:   With Nails you can certainly vibe with songs like “Hurt” and “Dead Souls” during the haunted house season, but you might also want to include this one. – Now I’ve got something you have to see. They put something inside of me. The smile is red and its eyes are black. I don’t think I’ll be coming back. – I don’t believe it – I had to see it – I came back haunted – I came back haunted”.

Sick Things – Alice Cooper:   Can we just officially name Uncle Alice as the Grand Marshall of Halloween. It’s not just the words Alice sings “Sick things, play things, pretty things, my things”. It the setting of the music and his disturbing delivery. “Come worship me” indeed.

Sick Things - Alice Cooper

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