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Seems the goal posts move every holiday season on the age-old question. When is the right time to put up holiday decorations? My personal belief is that anytime is a good time. Whatever makes you the happiest is the correct answer.

There are some limitations, but what the heck, who cares. I know some friends that start Christmas in September. I had another friend who refused to take down a giant Christmas wreath. He kept it year-round because he said it was too hard to take down.

I dread dragging down 10 giant tubs of Christmas out of the attic, so when I do bring them down, I would like to enjoy the decorations for more than a few weeks. Some of you remember playing the game Slug-Bug when you would see a Volkswagen Beetle. I would do the same game for people who kept Christmas lights up year-round. This year, I saw the lights up for Halloween more than ever before. So, in my opinion, go for it. Have at it and enjoy it right away. I’m sure the next battle will be the start of Christmas music. Hope no one snaps this year if they hear Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Exact date you're officially allowed to put Christmas decorations up

If you like to put your Christmas tree up early, then good news! As this is the exact date you're 'allowed' to put your tree up - and it's actually earlier than you might think.

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