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5 Technology Advancements That Have Gone Way Too Far

Technology has made all of our lives significantly easier. Thanks to Social Media, we can communicate with friends (and strangers) across the world. We can travel like never before. We can have our food brought to us, still hot. With technology, the possibilities are truly endless. But, are we all the better for it? I mean, surely, technology has some downsides to go along with all the positives it provides? I don't know about you, but I'm confident my mental well-being would be greatly improved if Social Media wasn't a thing. As great as these advancements are, I think there are some inventions that we may have been better off without. Here are 5 technology advancements that have gone way too far. You may agree with some of these, or you may be thankful for them. It's all fun and games until a robot takes your job. Here are the five technological advancements that I can't stand but have to deal with on a daily basis.

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