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Gather around children and I’ll tell you my tales of the mosh pit. Moshing was born from the old school punk phenomenon of “slam dancing”. I sure loved to slam dance when I was a 13 year old punk/skater betty. Then I experienced my first mosh pit. I went to go see Rollins Band in 91, and could not resist the pull of the pit. I became addicted to the post show mosh pit bruises that night. If you’re thinking of diving into a mosh pit, there are some things you should learn. Yes, there are actually rules of the mosh pit. Get out a pen a paper and learn! These rules will keep you and others safe in the pit.


Aimee Brooks

Baby Mosher Aimee Brooks age 15 circa 1991

1. Know that mosh pits exist! It is widely understood and accepted that most mosh pits start behind the people standing against the barricades in the front row.

Splendour In The Grass 2015 - Byron Bay

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2. Do NOT ever pull anyone into a mosh pit. Mosh pits are opt-in only! Don’t ever push someone in.


Reading Festival - Day 3

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3. Don’t be violent for the sake of being violent. I once got a face full of spikes from some d-bag at a Nine Inch Nails show. He pushed me into the pit then gave me a nice puncture from his spikes. Don’t be that guy.


4. Don’t get angry at people for moshing in the mosh pit. Watch for the tell tale signs that a mosh pit is assembling and get out of the way. No, I don’t want to hear you were there first. Get out of the way.

Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival 2008 - Day 3

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5. Catch the crowd surfers! Always be aware of your surroundings and the people coming and going. Do not let the crowd surfers fall!

Oktoberfest 2015 - General Features Day 1

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6. Keep booze out of the pit! Nobody wants to wear your beer, and absolutely nobody wants to deal with a sloppy drunk in the pit.


The Falls Festival - Day 3

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7. Respect other’s bodies in the mosh pit. Do not touch or grope anyone in the pit or anyone crowd surfing! This is not your chance to “cop a feel”. Don’t be a creep.

* This also goes for band members! If a band member jumps in the crowd hold them up! This is NOT your chance to get inappropriate. You’re likely to get a boot in the face.

Wacken Festival 2011 - Day 1

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8. This is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF THE MOSH PIT! If someone falls down, pick them up! Look out for one another!


Happy Moshing!

Sing it Anthrax!



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