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Is this the storm that will beat the one your parents always told you about? The 1971 Blizzard always finds its way into every conversation. So far, for mid-December, we have done pretty well at being safe. I think our luck might be over how the media scares everyone. All the storm models are projecting Armageddon. I already stocked up on toilet paper and milk, bread, and peanut butter. I don’t mind the snow at all. The cold temperatures are what gets to me and my bones. 

I hope my snow blower is ready. It’s one of those 1970’s Toro beasts. I have always tried to keep her all tuned up and ready to go in case of snow. My neighbors are always happy when the beast is clearing their driveways.

On Friday, rain changing to snow early with cold and windy weather is expected. Temperatures tumble through the 30s and settle in the 20s with winds 40 to 50mph at times. We could see a couple of inches of snow throughout the day. I wonder if any of the betting sites have a line on how much snow we will get. I will bet the under and clean up money-wise. The Lions will play the Carolina Panthers away at Bank of America outdoor stadium. Cloudy, high of 31, wind chill 6 on Christmas Eve is that forecast. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the next few days. Thank goodness you have the radio and WRIF. Good luck on Christmas shopping- we are all counting on you.

Michigan Bracing for Major Snowstorm, Bitter Cold

Michigan's Top 5 Christmas Movies Might Surprise You

The holidays are here, and that means it’s time to watch Christmas movies. I admit that I get sucked into all kinds of holiday movies, especially the cheesy, romantic Hallmark-type ones. But, of course, there are some Christmas classics that are perennial favorites.

The crew at BetMichigan.com recently set out to find what the favorite Christmas movies are in Michigan. “Like ornaments for the tree and holiday songs, everyone has a favorite, or maybe a few favorites, when it comes to Christmas movies. In fact, some people are so enamored with their holiday favorite, the film seemingly, or literally, is running on a loop on the household big screen,” they state in the article.

So, what’s No. 1? “That distinction went to the Macaulay Culkin comedy-adventure ‘Home Alone’ with Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern as buffoonish burglars who were foiled by a string of hilarious booby-traps set by a little boy accidentally left, well, home alone as his family traveled to Paris. It registered 30% in ‘Interest Percentage.’
There’s no question that ‘Home Alone’ was extremely entertaining and popular. The film did more than $476 million in box office and set the stage for the ‘Home Alone’ film franchise.”

Read the full list of Michigan’s favorite Christmas movies below via BetMichigan.com.

  • Source

    This list is via BetMichigan.com.

  • 5. How the Grich Stole Christmas

    No. 5 is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” the 2000 Jim Carrey version. It got 15% of the score. Who doesn’t remember that classic set in Whoville? I prefer the original, but both are great.

  • 4. A Christmas Story

    No. 4 on the list is “A Christmas Story,” which got 17% of the tally. It’s set in a 1940s fictional Indiana town, although the actual house used in filming is in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • 3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

    “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” is a total classic! Who hasn’t seen this film at least three times? “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” got 18% of the tally. Chevy Chase’s Griswold clan also lives in suburban Chicago.

  • 2. The Polar Express

    So, true story. I thought that “Pineapple Express” was actually the sequel to “The Polar Express.” Boy, was I shocked at the theater! “The 2004 Tom Hanks movie is a computer-animated film about a magical Christmas train that whisks children to the North Pole. Hanks plays multiple roles, including the conductor of the Polar Express,” the study states.

  • 1. Home Alone

    Of course this is No. 1! “The ‘Home Alone’ house where young Kevin battled the funny bad guys was set in a suburb of Chicago, a geographic detail that many Michiganders were apparently willing to overlook when picking HA over Polar Express,” the article states.

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