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Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum of Farmington in Danger

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum of Farmington in Danger I really wanted to write an article on Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, but I couldn't figure out a great time. The possibility of them closing seems like the perfect time to talk about them. There are few things remaining in my childhood, but what few remain I would love to see go on to make others happy. Marvin's has been delighting residents of Oakland County and beyond for more than thirty years and now they face danger of being demolished. I actually designed a logo for Marvin many years ago. He wanted an old-school sheriff's badge on the side. He was full of energy and needed things done quickly as his life, like the museum, ran at a frantic pace. I was told by others that he actually had "etchings" done on his teeth. I missed the opportunity to see something that amazing! But what I did get to see was for over thirty years of my existence, being able to see and experience his Museum. Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum Marvin Yagoda had been collecting oddities for over 60 years. Marvin's Museum, located on Orchard Lake Rd in Farmington, holds Marvin's collection for all to enjoy. Marvin Yagoda's actual day-to-day job was as a pharmacist. The Museum and collection was more of a hobby that turned into an obsession. He collected all manner of unique machines, sculptures, and art. A few of the most notable are P.T. Barnum's replica of the Cardiff Giant, the Chucky Cheese Animatronics, and a menagerie of coin-operated torture entertainment. Marvin and Museum have been on several television shows including American Pickers, The Antique Road Show, and History Channel's Modern Marvels, to name a few. The museum has been in peril before. Many times the light bill alone was a marvel itself as you can watch the meter Marvin installed in front spin like a top. And when Marvin passed away in 2017, the operation of the museum was put into question. The manager of 16 years, Andrew Rosenfeld has been part of the reason it is still up and running. But now there are issues resulting in a possible demolition of the current location of Marvin's. Whether or not it would be moved or not is up in the air. But if you don't want it to move you can sign a petition that would hopefully help keep Marvin's right where it has been all this time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehnHtTBVA38    

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