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Midterms are around the corner, so I thought it would be a nice distraction to show a video that has 1.3 million people forgetting all their troubles for just a moment.

I love having my morning coffee and a bag of peanuts on the front porch and feeding my furry friends. This year seems to be different from so many squirrels in the neighborhood. Some of rock’s best saxophone solos- the solo in “Brown Sugar” from the Rolling Stones, David Bowie’s “Young Americas,” Pink Floyd’s “Us & Them.” I don’t know if there are any sax solos nowadays in bands like The Black Keys or I Prevail. But, I could see one maybe included in Lzzy Hale and Halestorm or Foo Fighters song.

Sax solos come and go in the music industry. One time, there were too many- then, almost none at all. So, here’s to the jazz sax player who took the time to play for a Squirrel in the park.  https://www.tiktok.com/@jazzvideo/video/7132922016658705669?referer_url=pethelpful.com%2Fpet-news%2Fjazz-squirrel&refer=embed&embed_source=70805737%2C70805737%2C70805737%2C120009725%2C120008483%3Bnull%3Bembed_share&referer_video_id=7132922016658705669

Video of Squirrel Mesmerized by Man Playing the Saxophone Is Beyond Beautiful

TikTok account @jazzvideo reshares videos of jazz music and we can't get enough. Jazz music is just too beautiful for words. One video, in particular, captured our attention because of the way this performer brings in unique listeners that you wouldn't expect. The clip, which was originally posted by Heath Jones on Facebook, has over 1.3 million views.

Creepy Michigan Places to Visit This Year

Halloween is less than a week away. It’s the perfect time to head to a spooky Michigan destination and take in all things scary.

Of course, even after Halloween, Michigan has some cool spots that you might want to visit and take in. The folks at Pure Michigan (Michigan.org) have put together a great list with the spookiest places to visit in Michigan in the fall.

“Looking for a spooky addition to your vacation while exploring Michigan?” they state in the article. “Enjoying the fall season isn’t reserved for only Michigan’s charming apple orchards and autumnal festivals. Explore the outdoors, rich history and experience a spooky, ethereal ambiance at some of Michigan’s ghost towns, cemeteries and historic attractions this fall. Before and during your visit to these ghostly locations, be mindful of what times of day visitors are allowed, as well as any informational and restrictive signage on the properties. Remember to always watch your step and be aware of your surroundings while exploring!”

So, which creepy Michigan spots should you get on your to-visit list? Read the full list via Michigan.org below. I actually haven’t been to any of these places yet, but I get scared pretty easily, so not sure if I should venture out there. Find more information here.

  • Freda – The Keweenaw Peninsula

    According to Michigan.org, “Located along sandstone cliffs over Lake Superior, the interesting thing about Freda is that people still call this ‘ghost town’ home. The most scenic way to get to Freda is Covered Road, which is a longer route through a lush forest on a dirt road that will help you get in the mindset of stepping into history. Explore the Champion Mill Ruins where only the concrete foundation, towering smokestack and other structures remain. Along Lake Superior, you can find a man-made waterfall, black-sanded beaches and beach glass waiting to be discovered from the area’s past.”

    Day Trips

    While there's plenty to see and do in the Keweenaw to keep you busy, Michigan's Upper Peninsula is filled with incredibly beauty, history and culture to explore. Let the Keweenaw serve as your basecamp while you cross some of these noteworthy destinations off your adventure bucket list.

  • Fayette Historic Townsite – Garden

    “Located on the shores of the Garden Peninsula within one of Michigan’s most beautiful state parks, Fayette is an Upper Peninsula treasure. More than 20 beautifully preserved iron buildings are still standing from this smelting town built in the late nineteenth century. With a backdrop of Lake Michigan waters, towering forests and white sandstone cliffs, there’s plenty to explore in this ghost town. On a crisp, fall day, this townsite is sure to inspire both awe and chills during your U.P. adventure,” Michigan.org says.

    Fayette Historic State Park & Townsite

    You don't have to travel far in Michigan's Upper Peninsula to see how proudly we preserve and share our amazing history with generation after generation. One of the nation's premier historic company townsites is on the Garden Peninsula in Fayette Historic State Park.

  • Haunted Traverse Walking Tours – Traverse City

    “Want a guided tour for your spooky adventure? Go on a Traverse City Ghost Tour. These tours blend Traverse City’s rich history with the strange and haunting stories of the city’s past. You can choose between public and private tours, and will visit a variety of locations including the Perry Hannah House, City Opera House, State Theatre and more—and the tour guide may also mix it up! The tours run from spring until late fall, so if you don’t get a chance during autumn you can plan your future tour when warm weather returns,” Michigan.org says.

    Ghost Walking Tours, Haunted Trail | Haunted Traverse | Traverse City Michigan

    1 Ghost Tour in Traverse City! Join us for day or night historical ghost tours, ghost hunting tour, Food Tour, or our Fall haunted house at the Ghost Farm of Kingsley. Paranormal investigations where we hunt for spirits use ghost hunting equipment like you see on TV!

  • Pere Cheney Cemetery – Near Roscommon

    “If you’re taking a road trip through the Lower Peninsula, add the historic Pere Cheney Cemetery to your itinerary. The village of Pere Cheney, also known as Cheney and Center Plains, was a small lumbering community established in 1874. Abandoned in the early twentieth century, the village is now considered a ghost town,” Michigan.org says.

    The Pere Cheney Cemetery Is One Of Michigan's Spookiest Cemeteries

    If you believe in the paranormal realm, there's nothing more exciting than checking out a supposedly haunted cemetery. Michigan is home to plenty of spooky destinations, but there's one historic spot here in the Great Lakes State that some claim is teeming with ghosts, spirits, and other entities.

  • The Lost City of Damon – Near Rose City

    “The Damon Cemetery is home to both wooden and marble grave markers dating as far back as the 1800s. Make sure you have your GPS ready to go as you set off on your spooky adventure down the dirt roads that lead to Damon. The mystery continues if you’re up for a daytime treasure hunt, as Damon is also a geocaching location,” Michigan.org says.

    Explore The Lost Town Of Damon Michigan

    Once a prosperous logging town, Damon has since vanished and all that remains is the empty General Store, the Post Office and cemetery. The town of Damon, now part of the Ogemaw State Forest, is located in the Northeast of the Lower Peninsula just west of Rose City.

  • Fallasburg Village – Lowell

    “Enjoy a relaxing, autumnal walk that’s a little less spooky at Fallasburg Village in the charming town of Lowell. Located along the Flat River, Fallasburg Village is made up of several historic structures including a one-room schoolhouse, multiple houses and a cemetery. You can also walk across the iconic, 100-foot Fallasburg Covered Bridge that was built in 1871,” Michigan.org says.


  • Haunted M25 Trail – The Thumb Coast

    “Go on a spooky road trip along the Lower Peninsula’s “Thumb” this fall. There are eight locations including “haunted” roads, historic cabins and inns, a haunted grave and some of Michigan’s oldest lighthouses. At one end of the route, north of Lake St. Claire, be wary as you travel down Marrow Road at night. It’s rumored that a woman can be seen wandering the road at night, still searching for her lost child,” Michigan.org says.

    Haunted Trail - Michigan's Thumbcoast

    Have you ever gotten an eerie feeling from somewhere? According to some mortals, ghost haunts and paranormal activity is prevalent in Michigan's Thumb. If you dare, take this self-guided tour of the spine-tingling locations we dug up in Michigan's Thumbcoast. Make your final arrangements for a visit* and be sure to share your stories at...

  • Source:

    This list is via Pure Michigan (Michigan.org).

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