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Seems like every corner gas station has one: “The Pusher Game.” I know you have probably seen one or even played and lost. Believe it or not, these games are illegal in Michigan, according to the State Gaming Board. What makes it illegal is they use real coins and paper money, visa cards, and prizes, not tokens. Also, these games have no age limit. Kids are playing. Just last year, the gaming control board seized 1,033 machines and more than $248,000. To me, it is just a novelty with no skill involved and just plain fun if you ask me.

There was for a brief time a store in Roseville that had slot machines! Right Next to Dooley’s restaurant. I remember when the Roseville and State police raided the store and I witnessed many slot machines being confiscated. What are next, claw machines? So enjoy the push while you can because I think some changes are coming real fast.

State gaming control board to start cracking down on illegal gambling machines found in Dearborn

The Michigan Gaming Control Board is cracking down on illegal and unlicensed gaming machines, especially those that are located in areas that are already not licensed for gambling. Machines, like the "pusher" machines that have popped up at local gas stations, are considered illegal gambling machines, and according to a retired Dearborn police officer, are made more illegal when they use actual money and not tokens.

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