Chuck Bean


Heard something on tonight’s show and wondered “Who the heck is this? This is awesome!” Look no further than our Motor City Riffs playlist! Follow the links to find out more about some of the best band in the motor city:

As Your Attorney – Capital
Daniel Spehar – It’s Her
Treble Bleed – Apparent

Hillbilly Knife Fight – Donkey Seed
Wanted – Out of Love
The One Divided – 9-10ths
Avalon Black – Broken and Bleeding
Influence – Irate

Lemon Frog – Battlefield
Floc – Queen
Reason 9 – Bar Fight

Got a band we should know about? Send us an email of your song along with info on your band and any shows you’ve got coming up at or hit us up on Facebook! You could be on next week’s Motor City Riffs!