I still am amazed every time I see Shinedown at Pine Knob. I met Brent Smith, along with original bass player Brad Stewart, and guitarist, Jasin Todd in the spring of 2003 on what they called their “S%&T Brown Buick” tour. That’s where they went from radio station to radio station all across the country performing in-studio for radio jocks and listeners. The debut album wasn’t even out when I met them.


Another sold out Pine Knob show for Shinedown…

Fast-forward to last night- a sold out, jam packed crowd at Pine Knob. I’ve watched these guys from that day 19 years ago, through playing on a stage at the Woodward Fairgrounds, through St, Andrews Hall, The Fillmore and beyond. It’s so cool to watch them get bigger and bigger.


Pre show with Brent Smith and legendary record rep, Howard Lesnick


With bassist Eric Bass and drummer Barry Kersch

When I went to see Brent before the show, I just asked him the simple question “How ya doing?” He paused for what seemed like 10/15 seconds. At this point, I thought that perhaps something was wrong- maybe a tift in the band, I don’t know. Then he looked up and said “gratitude.” He’s so grateful for what they’ve accomplished, the miles they’ve traveled to make it happen, the friends and fans they’ve met along the way and all of it in between.

And what a show it was! They brought all the firepower and all the hits!


Another sold out Pine Knob show for Shinedown…









Oh, and I happened to see this in the hallways backstage, so I snapped a picture….



Shinedown at the Fillmore 7.21.15