Meltdown's Meltdown

This week, Wilson's Chad Nicefield drops in on Meltdown to shamelessly promote their new album and sets a record for most song titles dropped in a video! Thanks for watching!   Find out where to get Wilson's new album "Tasty Nasty" here

Meltdown's Meltdown

This week Meltdown plays some excerpts from his Radio Chatter interview with Slash and looks back at the 2018 summer concert season! Thanks for watching! Listen to Meltdown's Radio Chatter Podcast with Slash here  

Meltdown's Meltdown

Do you collect vinyl? Meltdown does. And today he takes the video crew on the road to UHF Records in Royal Oak to dive a little deeper into record addiction. What vinyl have you collected? How much do you own? Send Meltdown an email to [email protected] or leave him a voice mail at 248-547-2988 and…

Meltdown's Meltdown

This week, Meltdown goes deep into the inner workings of the radio station and looks to try out other jobs to celebrate Labor Day weekend. Enjoy!

Meltdown's Meltdown

This week's Meltdown's Meltdown is all about collecting autographs! Meltdown and some of his co-workers here at The Riff display some of their most prized RNR memorabilia and share the interesting stories behind them. Thanks for watching!

Brad Arnold From 3 Doors Down Talks Sobriety

3 Doors Down is playing at Freedom Hill tomorrow night with Collective Soul and Soul Asylum on the Rock & Roll Express tour. Last week I had singer Brad Arnold on my Radio Chatter podcast. The band has been friends with WRIF since they first time they came through Detroit. You can listen to the…

How Did You Get Into Radio....... the most asked question I get. After reading a blog from our consultant, Fred Jacobs, I thought I'd share my story with you. (It's not true that I slept my way to the middle....fake news!) I was always a hard worker. I knew if I wanted something, I had to go and get it.…

Real Moments With Rock Stars

There are several reasons I love doing my Radio Chatter podcast. I've always been a big music fan and it gives me the chance to discuss songs and music, from the people who brought them to us. Plus, I really enjoy pulling out real moments, and stories from these artists. One example is Brad Arnold…

Holding A Physical Copy Of Music

This past Saturday was Record Store Day across the world. A manufactured 'holiday' created to keep mom and pop record stores afloat. Every year more and more bands/artists release rare or bootleg versions of their music. Some of you may, or may not know, that I got back into vinyl last year, and it's reinvigorated…