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DETROIT - FEBRUARY 8: Joe Louis Arena is shown before the Detroit Red Wings game against the Nashville Predators on February 8, 2006 in Detroit, Michigan. The Red Wings won 6-0. (Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

A couple days ago, I posted the question to you guys…Name a great concert you saw at a venue that’s no longer around. Man, we’ve lost some cool places in the last decade or more. The thing I was really proud of when I moved to the D in 1995, was that none of the venues had a corporate name attached to them. Those days are gone.

Here’s eight of them that we’ve lost. While most were multipurpose, there were many concerts in these famed places.

  • Joe Louis Arena

    The events that took place there are epic. Stanley Cup wins and losses. Concerts, Concerts and more Concerts. The long list of things I did and asw here are numerous.

  • The Palace Of Auburn Hills

    My fondest memory of this place was watching Bob Seger sound check before one of his shows around 2014 maybe. I was sitting by myself in the upper bowl watching, when he said these words “Let’s do ‘Turn the Page'” I was glued to my seat to see. Really cool!

  • Cobo Hall

    Legendary! Long before I even had a career, or thought that I’d work in radio, I saw an MTV Halloween special with Alice Cooper. It was filmed at Cobo Hall in 1984, if memory serves. I watched it over and over as a wide-eyed kid. Who knew a decade or so later, that I’d move here and make Detroit my hometown.

  • The Michigan Palace

    Admittedly, this is long before me, but some of you mentioned it so I thought I’d include it. A piece of Detroit history I’ve heard a lot about.

  • The Pontiac Silverdome

    What a venue! I saw U2 there. Of course, the Millenium show with Metallica, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Sevendust. What a show that was! I recall going to see the Lions play the Packers around 1998, just so I could say I saw Barry Sanders play live.

  • Tiger Stadium

    Once again, I wasn’t there many times. But I did see KISS there in 1996, and that show was a highlight concert for me. Unreal! Here’s that show.

  • The Ritz in Roseville

    I was there a several times before it became a grocery store. One show I’ll never forget is Sponge playing on NYE.

  • The Michigan State Fairgrounds

    I only saw a few shows there, but they were memorable and heavy! That place was indestructible.