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We start a new month with another episode of the Vinyl Frontier, where I dig into my collection and spotlight a different album each week. This week, it’s an album you may be surprised to know I like as much as I do. It’s 1985’s Song From The Big Chair from Tears For Fears. This record spawned a lot of hits.  “Shout”, “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”, “Head Over Heels” and more.

This album is so good! The pieces and parts fit perfectly. If you haven’t heard it in a while, go back and give it another listen.


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Eight Iconic Detroit Concert Venues That Aren't Around Anymore

A couple days ago, I posted the question to you guys…Name a great concert you saw at a venue that’s no longer around. Man, we’ve lost some cool places in the last decade or more. The thing I was really proud of when I moved to the D in 1995, was that none of the venues had a corporate name attached to them. Those days are gone.

Here’s eight of them that we’ve lost. While most were multipurpose, there were many concerts in these famed places.

  • Joe Louis Arena

    The events that took place there are epic. Stanley Cup wins and losses. Concerts, Concerts and more Concerts. The long list of things I did and asw here are numerous.

  • The Palace Of Auburn Hills

    My fondest memory of this place was watching Bob Seger sound check before one of his shows around 2014 maybe. I was sitting by myself in the upper bowl watching, when he said these words “Let’s do ‘Turn the Page'” I was glued to my seat to see. Really cool!

  • Cobo Hall

    Legendary! Long before I even had a career, or thought that I’d work in radio, I saw an MTV Halloween special with Alice Cooper. It was filmed at Cobo Hall in 1984, if memory serves. I watched it over and over as a wide-eyed kid. Who knew a decade or so later, that I’d move here and make Detroit my hometown.

  • The Michigan Palace

    Admittedly, this is long before me, but some of you mentioned it so I thought I’d include it. A piece of Detroit history I’ve heard a lot about.

  • The Pontiac Silverdome

    What a venue! I saw U2 there. Of course, the Millenium show with Metallica, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Sevendust. What a show that was! I recall going to see the Lions play the Packers around 1998, just so I could say I saw Barry Sanders play live.

  • Tiger Stadium

    Once again, I wasn’t there many times. But I did see KISS there in 1996, and that show was a highlight concert for me. Unreal! Here’s that show.

  • The Ritz in Roseville

    I was there a several times before it became a grocery store. One show I’ll never forget is Sponge playing on NYE.

  • The Michigan State Fairgrounds

    I only saw a few shows there, but they were memorable and heavy! That place was indestructible.