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With nothing but time on my hands, I figured I’d go through my vinyl record collection and share some of my favs. This is the Mötley Crüe edition. Check these out and share yours with me on Twitter @RadioJNJ!

In Nettuno

Mötley live in Nettuno, Italy opening for AC/DC. This is Shout At The Devil-era Crüe when they were reaching the top of their game. There are actually two different versions of this bootleg. The other titled Vaffanculo In Nettuno, which roughly translates to “F*ck Off In Nettuno”. Both feature the opening song from AC/DC’s set, which is a cool little bonus.

Pain Killers!

A 1986 bootleg of a 1984 Mötley Crüe show in Tucson, Arizona. I remember picking this one up specifically because of the two last tracks on the album. Demo versions of the songs “Take Me To The Top” and “Stick To Your Guns” recorded in 1981. “Stick To Your Guns”, especially, was a rarity because it was the band’s first single but was left off their debut album Too Fast For Love. Before the days when you could find practically anything online, this was one I’d only read about in magazine articles but never heard. I had to have it!

Shout At The Devil Outtakes

Not only did this one include demos of three songs I’d never heard, but it features live tracks from a 1984 Mötley show at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston. And, inexplicably, a song by Dokken. The artwork on this one was always puzzling to me. Not only was the cover pic of Nikki Sixx from the Dr. Feelgood-era rather than the Shout-era, but the back cover was a glamour shot of Tommy Lee’s hot ex-wife, actress Heather Locklear. Putting Heather on bootlegs must have been a thing in the 1980s. You’ll notice the first album I posted above had a pic of Tommy and Heather on the back cover too.

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