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I watched three music documentaries this weekend while being somewhat quarantined. I thought I’d pass them along for your viewing pleasure.

1)  The ZZ Top doc that recently popped up on Netflix. It was pretty good. It’s cool to see how the band started and see Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill without their facial hair, way back in the day. People tend to forget that ZZ Top may be the longest running rock band to have all the original members, and have never had any additional. members.

I have two funny ZZ Top stories….I’ll save them for another time.

2) On Saturday night, I was at the neighbors house – partaking in some adult beverages – and we took in the RUSH documentary “Beyond The Lighted Stage”. I watched this over the Christmas break. It’s a solid doc for anyone who even likes RUSH just a little bit. Outside of the original drummer, John Rutsey, they’re another band (also a three piece) that has remained untouched for decades. Like the ZZ Top film, it strikes you at how much these guys really like each other. This one is also on Netflix.

3) The last documentary I’m going to tell you about I happened to stumble upon. It’s about a bass player named Jaco Pastorious. Over the past several years of doing interviews, especially with bass players, I’ve heard his name come up more than once. I’ll be totally honest, I had no idea who he was or where he came from. Well, now I do, curtesy of the film produced by Metallica’s Robert Trujillo. This one may not be for everybody, but I found it informative and interesting. The next time someone brings him up, I’ll be much more up to speed. This doc lives on Hulu.