Halloween Tips and Tricks

Everyone seems to have at least one ghost story….this one is mine, and it’s all true.

The family and I went to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania about five or six years ago. While I went to take something to the car, my wife bought some tickets to a ghost tour, which started on the third floor of this house we just had dinner in. It was one of the houses that remains from the historic 1863 battle.

After walking up the stairs, along with about 20 other people, we sat on benches that all faced the same direction in the attic. The guide explained that the soldiers would shot down the street through a window that was off to my left, about 30 feet away. He said that when a solider was killed, they would drag his body across the floor and pile them up on the other side of the room, behind where I was sitting. He told us that people who stayed on the second floor, now a B & B, would often complain about noises coming from the attic at all times of the night. As he told us “No one comes up here after 10pm because the floor is padlocked off”.

As he’s telling us this, a kid, probably about 15 or so, sitting in the middle of the second row with his parents, stopped the guide and said “Excuse me…..someone has their hands on my shoulders!”. Of course, I turned to see what was going on. He was white as a ghost, and there was no one behind him………

I will never forget that.



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