BEREA, OHIO - NOVEMBER 23: Deshaun Watson #4 of the Cleveland Browns runs a drill during a practice at CrossCountry Mortgage Campus on November 23, 2022 in Berea, Ohio. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

The field at the Cleveland stadium where the Browns play football was damaged early Tuesday morning by someone driving around on the Browns’ home field. Tire marks were on the 20-yard line in the shape of a giant circle, spanning almost the entire side of the field.

Some of the ruts left behind appeared to be significant in some places. I wonder if alcohol was involved in this act of destruction. The Browns said the damage done to the field was superficial and repairs are being made. Although the team has notified the NFL of what happened, a team spokesperson said the Browns are confident that it should not impact the team’s game against the Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers show on Sunday.

Police say it appears someone may have jumped a fence and used a golf cart to cause the damage. Hey, kids, get off my lawn! I can only remember one time that I ever did a so-called lawn job. Coming back from a concert at Pine Knob, I can remember getting lost on the way out of the parking area when they would force you to take a dirt road detour to get to I-75. I ended up on someone’s lawn and tore it up pretty well getting back on the road. The field at FirstEnergy Stadium is real grass, so it’s different to repair it and make it good again. Imagine repairing your lawn in November. It’s going to be a safety issue for the players. Mabey a blessing in disguise as it might make things hard for quarterback Tom Brady.

VIDEO: FirstEnergy Stadium field torn up by unknown driver; Browns notify police

CLEVELAND - The field at FirstEnergy Stadium was damaged early Tuesday morning by someone driving around on the Browns' home field. Tire treads wind out from the 20-yard line in the shape of a golden spiral, spanning almost the entirety of the western side of the field.

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