Meltdown on WRIF

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The older I get, the more I love summertime concerts. Some of my favorite summer memories revolve around going to outdoor shows. This week definitely fits the bill.

Great weather, amazing shows! Slipknot with Volbeat on Monday, then Korn with AIC on Tuesday. Doing my radio show live at DTE then hanging with fellow music lovers to enjoy an evening of rock. Oh, and the summer isn’t over yet. Papa Roach this Friday. Bush with Live, Kid Rock, Rival Sons with STP are some of the shows I can’t wait to go to before we zip up and welcome in fall.

Meeting WRIF fans, having a few cocktails and even giving my ticket away. The last two shows I had some killer seats. I’ll admit, I’m one of those guys who hates traffic and won’t sit in it, so I tend to leave shows early….or very late – and that’s a story for another time. The last two nights I’ve looked for a kid on the lawn, who was old enough to leave his parents, and I gave them my ticket. I always get a weird look. I think people think I’m goofing on them, or it’s fake. I just want to give a young music fan an experience to see their favorite band a little closer. Plus, it makes me feel good.

I met some nice guys last night from the Holly area and hung with them. 3 of the 4 were sober! LOL

I hope to see you at a show sometime before we put the summer away and call it another year of outdoor shows.