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This past Saturday was Record Store Day across the world. A manufactured ‘holiday’ created to keep mom and pop record stores afloat. Every year more and more bands/artists release rare or bootleg versions of their music.

Some of you may, or may not know, that I got back into vinyl last year, and it’s reinvigorated my love of music. To me, it’s so much more personal than downloading a song here or there. I want to listen to the whole album as an experience the way the artist intended. I recently had Rob Halford on my Radio Chatter podcast. I ordered the new Judas Priest album back in January through Pledge Music. The album was released on March 9th, but it takes a little more time to get the record through P-M because they ship them out on release day. As I told Rob, I purposely lived in a bubble as to hear the entire record when it came out as a whole.  Man, I was glad I did that. As Rob put it “I’ll tell you what’s really cool about what you just said there, Meltdown, is that you waited, you waited for your moment exclusively for you…”. To me, that’s what it’s all about. It’s something I don’t feel while several tracks are skipping all over the place giving you a song here or there on shuffle.

A local musician, Queen Bee, commented on a picture of some records I posted on Instagram. The comment was short and to the point. She simply stated that there’s something “magical about listening to records”. She’s right….there is.

While I was too busy to shop on Record Store Day this year, sometimes it feels like it’s that day several times a week when I come home with new music for my collection. My goal this year is 500 new records. I’m at 83 right now.

What about you? What’s musical addiction? Hit me up on Twitter @MeltdownWRIF or leave me a voice-mail at 248-586-2988.


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