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Another dive into my vinyl record collection unearthed a few from Skid Row. Be sure to hit me with stuff from your collection on Twitter @RadioJNJ!

Hit The Skids

This 1990 release features performances from two of Skid Row’s biggest shows of the year 1989. Their opening set for Bon Jovi’s homecoming concert at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ along with four of the six songs they played in front of tens of thousands of Russians at Luzhniki Stadium for the historic Moscow Music Peace Festival. Everything about this album screams “unofficial release”. First of all, the album says it was issued on Josie Records, but that label never listed it as one of their releases. Does that make it unauthorized and a counterfeit? Then, the label on the record itself lists the album title as Hittin’ The Skids, while the album  jacket reads, Hit The Skids. And, even for a bootleg, the cover art is especially janky. A stock band photo pasted over a random crowd pic on the front, and a thong-rocking groupie with “Skid Row” emblazoned across her ass in Magic Marker on the back. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about this album and this era, nothing does.

Youth Gone Wild

Released in the United Kingdom in 1989, this 12” maxi-single of Skid Row’s debut single also includes a live version of “Makin’ A Mess” that came from their Marquee Club show in London earlier that year.

I Remember You

A 1990, German made, 12” maxi-single that features a live version of “Big Guns” from that famed 1989 show at London’s Marquee Club. The band has an especially smoldering look on the cover.

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