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I’ve been spending my downtime going through my vinyl records and picking out some cool ones to share. Here’s two from TheRomantics! Check ‘em out and share yours with me on Twitter @RadioJNJ!

Midwest Pop Explosion!
The Romantics are one of my all-time favorite Detroit bands. This compilation album from 1980 features a couple of tunes from their debut album along with a couple that came out on their first EP. Rounding out the track list are songs from Detroit’s The Specials and Nikki & The Corvettes along with two from former Dead Boys vocalist Stiv Bators. A cool collection of pop-punk goodness.

Strictly Personal
Way before I ever started working in radio, I coveted record store finds like this. This is a “special radio copy” of The Romantics third album. Presumably, this album was sent to a radio station for on-air play. The only thing on the plain, white album jacket is a sticker on the front with the band’s logo and album title. It’s strikingly different than the album’s original artwork which shows the band in pink leather suits in front of a pink/purple background.