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It’s National Vinyl Day, and as you may know, I’m a vinyl fan. But why?

Let’s go back five years ago. I was doing a routine interview in February of 2017 with my friend Johnny Chow from Stone Sour. He mentioned how him, his wife and step-son only listen to music in their house that’s on vinyl. Driving home I couldn’t stop thinking about that. When I saw my wife later that night, I asked her to hop online and get me a record player. I was off and running!

I now own about 600 albums, or so. Why do I love vinyl so much? To me, you’re listening to the album the way the artist intended. You’re not streaming a random song here and there, you’re listening to the entire thing as one piece. Imagine if you heard the guitar solo on one track, then the next had the intro and the next had the second chorus. That wouldn’t make sense, would it?

I love the size of an album. I don’t do 45s, just full length records. I like looking at the artwork and liner notes. I’m a fan of dropping the needle on an album and walking away, while doing work or kicking around my rock room. It’s fun to have friends over and ask them to name a band, then throw it on the turntable. I think it’s fun to get them signed by the bands. You can’t do that with a streaming track. If I have a beat up copy of an older album, I will buy better copies when I come across them.

There’s so much I love about vinyl. This is a quick blog of some reasons. It’s fun to see some of the younger generations getting into the “groove” as well.

If you’re a fan like me, be sure to check out my weekly Vinyl Frontier feature here on the site. A new episode comes out each Wednesday.


The Vinyl Frontier With Meltdown – A Underrated Southern California Band
The Vinyl Frontier With Meltdown – An Underrated Southern Rock Band
The Vinyl Frontier With Meltdown – An Electrifying Classic From This Date In 1984

Greatest Replacement Singers in Metal

Revolver Magazine has made a list of the top 16 replacement singers and it’s a pretty impressive list!

Looking at it, you almost forget that some of them weren’t the original singer of the band, because their success didn’t happen until the switch was made.

Check their list out below and get more details on each singer on Revolver‘s website!

Got to our Facebook page and let us know if we missed anyone or which replacement is your favorite!

  • Philip Anselmo, Pantera

  • Joey Belladonna, Anthrax

  • Attila Csihar, Mayhem


  • Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden

  • George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, Cannibal Corpse

  • Ronnie James Dio, Black Sabbath

  • Angela Gossow, Arch Enemy

  • Barney Greenway, Napalm Death

  • Brian Johnson, AC/DC

  • Howard Jones, Killswitch Engage

  • Pepper Keenan, Corrosion of Conformity

  • James LaBrie, Dream Theater

  • Mike Patton, Faith No More

  • Greg Puciato, the Dillinger Escape Plan

  • Henry Rollins, Black Flag

  • Corey Taylor, Slipknot

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