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The Nintendo Switch retails for $299.99.

Releasing just before we all found out we’d be spending a few weeks socially distancing, Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch has become a phenomenon. Nintendo is in the phenomenon business, from systems like the Wii to games like Pokemon Go. They’re no strangers to giving people what they want and as the weeks indoors have stretched into months, Animal Crossing has gone from something gamers specifically were excited about to something people in all walks of life are taking part in.

A few weeks ago someone was lucky enough to turn Animal Crossing into Celebrity Crossing when Elijah Wood slid into their DM’s to ask if he could visit.

Last week Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez got in on the fun.

After a few fun visits she was contacted by Star Wars Rogue One screenwriter Gary Whitta who invited her to his in-game late night talk show.

Also of note, last Thursday the Detroit Lions announced their season schedule through the use of in-game assets.

There have been multiple articles written about how Animal Crossing New Horizons‘ routine and series of small tasks to accomplish are helping folks with depression and stress through these trying times. With Nintendo poised to restock store shelves with Switch consoles soon it will be interesting to see where else the game shows up in pop culture this year.