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“Meet the DJ” 10 Things About Nate ”Havoc”

Hello everybody i'm Nate your newest DJ here on WRIF and I thought I would write this article so everyone could get to know me better. I love drinking beer and hanging with friends on a Friday night just like everybody else. I am super into anything supernatural and even cryptozoology. I got my start in radio in 2020 and 3 years later joined the WRIF. The nickname "Havoc" caught fire after my mom would constantly have to worry about what ridiculous thing I would do next as a kid. For example attempting to steal a family's canoe at a 7-year-olds birthday party, don't worry I was 7 too. You can catch me talking about all sorts of wacky things every time I am on air. Read on to learn 10 things about me you probably didn't know.

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