Since the acquisition of Fox by Disney fans have been rabid about the potential introduction of the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From the snap to the blip to Wanda’s hex, there is no shortage of theories on how Marvel can introduce an entirely new kind of hero (and villains).

The best theories don’t involve mutants just popping up one day because of a large-scale event, if mutants are just ‘created’ suddenly it betrays one of the most essential traits of being a mutant. Mutants are born, they aren’t just made like a Super Soldier, it’s not a choice but a part of who they are as people.

The secret behind the introduction of the X-Men can be found in Deadpool, where Ajax explains that in order to activate an X-Gene the subject must go through some sort of traumatic experience. That could vary from person to person, but the basis suggests that while a mass event like the snap or hex could activate large amounts of mutants at once, some mutants could also already exist in the world.

With that in mind, here are five mutants the Marvel Cinematic Universe could introduce over the course of Phase 4 and 5 leading up to an X-Men movie in a similar fashion that the first Avengers movie came together.

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