The Nintendo Switch retails for $299.99.

March 3rd 2017 the world was introduced to the latest console in the Nintendo family the Nintendo Switch. It’s safe to say, for Nintendo fans at least the world has never been the same and a big reason for that is the game that came out day 1, the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Check your friends list on your Switch and not only has almost everyone on it played Zelda, most if not all have hundreds of hours tied up in it.

I was a late adopter only grabbing mine a few summers ago. Nerdradio listeners know the story well as I’ve mentioned it many times, as recently as this week’s episode. I was certainly interested in the newest Mario, Zelda and Pokemon games I saw coming to the system. The functionality of a home system you could also pack up and play on the go made the Switch look like the most perfect invention of a Game Boy you could hook up to your TV that also played the latest games. But the software that made me pull the financial trigger on grabbing one was when Nintendo announced with their online service they were adding and app that emulated the Nintendo Entertainment System.

A child of the 80’s, I spent countless hours playing the NES and later the SNES and the idea of getting to relive those games in a portable fashoin along with the latest Mario Kart and  Super Smash Bros. was too tempting to pass up. I’ve also spent countless hours in Breath of the Wild and it is as close to a perfect gaming experience as i can remember having. Hopefully I’ll finally finish it by next years 4th anniversary! In the meantime if you still haven’t tried out a Nintendo Switch check out the trailer for it’s first game ever and see if it grabs you the same way it has grabbed thousands of gamers over the last 3 years.