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Hosting the Weekly Nerdradio podcast, one of the first things I did was reach out to folks from all the different departments here at the WRIF looking for nerds of all types. Everyone is heavily into something and I wanted Nerdradio to reflect that love for comics, games and cartoons.

One of our frequent contributors on the show is GK (Ginger Kyle), an avid player of Overwatch, League of Legends and Magic the Gathering. With a new set just released, Throne of Eldraine, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to hear about some of the standout cards currently in Standard play. So give us the head’s up, GK!

Hey There Nerds, Geeks, Game Lovers!
         I’m Kyle (you can call me GK!) from 101 WRIF promotions and I’ve been with the station for 4 years. I have my hands in a lot of things in my life I work 2 jobs, play video games, ride a mountain bike and last but not least I play a ton of the card game Magic The Gathering. Which is why I’m here…..See my dear friend and Nerdradio Overlord Chuck Bean asked “hey Kyle could you write up an article about magic for Nerdradio?” and I was like”absolutely YES!” So here we are….writing my first of maybe many articles for him and the show on you guessed it….Magic!

  Right now in the world of Magic the Gathering it’s a special time of year for me because it’s fall and that means a brand new set has come out and the fall set this year is based around fairy tales/Arthurian legends it’s called Throne of Eldraine. A really cool set with plenty of awesome cards and cool effects, with that out of the way I’ll introduce to you my favorite card from the set and I think it suits me well to talk about it.

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My Pick is the legendary creature Rankle, Master of Pranks. He’s a black aligned Faerie Rogue who causes all sorts of mayhem and mischief when he deals damage to my opponents. When he deals damage I can cause each player, including myself to..

  • Discard a card
  •  Lose 1 life and draw a card
  • Sacrifice a creature
All of these effects are powerful in a game of Magic and leaves open plenty of options and strategies while playing Rankle. You can keep your opponents battlefield clear of creatures, force them to lose resources in their hands and get card advantage as well which is very important in the game of magic. He also has flying and haste which is great for attacking and keeping him safe as well. 

Rankle is best in a midrange deck (a deck that plays the long game and has answers and powerful effects against your opponent)He also reminds me of myself! Silly, short, and can cause mayhem and shenanigans.

Until next time friends, I’m GK and don’t stop shuffling!

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