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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 23: Sydneysiders play a card game 'Magic The Gathering' during the 2013 Supanova pop culture festival at Sydney Showground on June 23, 2013 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

One of the ways Magic the Gathering has sustained while other collectable card games have fallen by the way side is through new formats and ways to play the game. With that in mind my favorite Lootprechaun returns, this week to shine a spotlight not only on one of the new cards from Magic the Gathering’s latest set, Throne of Eldrane but a new way to play as well. I’ll let him take the wheel while I try and figure out the right amount of lands I should have in my White life gain deck.


Hey There Rockers, Nerds and Gamers. I’m GK from the WRIF promotions team and I’m back for another Nerdradio article  about Magic the Gathering. My first article was a blast to write and this time instead of focusing on a particular card i’m going to write about a new magic format this week: Brawl!

Brawl is a format where you build a 60 card standard deck around your favorite legendary creature or planeswalker that’s legal in the standard magic format. The rest of your deck can only have one copy of any card that’s not a basic land and must be the same color or colors of your Commander. The Commander stays seperate from your deck and you can put them into play on your turn by playing the casting cost. Every time they get killed you can recast them the next turn by adding 2 to that cost. Brawl has had it’s ups and downs since it’s inception but right now it’s at it’s best because the plethora of options you have to play with.

The format is like a smaller version of another popular magic format called Commander which uses 100 card decks but similar rules so that means multiplayer is the name of the game. When you build your deck you want to make sure you play cards that are great against multiple players, cards that draw you more cards and of course cards that deal with other players cards. 

I decided to try the format out at my local game store and I had lots of fun as I built a great deck around one of my favorite characters in magic: Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver. A card and character all about my opponents nightmares. The deck plays spells and abilities that remove cards from the game and make it harder for my opponents to play. This type of strategy is known as Control, where you use resources to deny your opponents their own and through attrition you can win the game.

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There are tons of options right now to play Brawl, you can build control like I did, you can play big huge creatures or build a direct damage deck too. So go on and Brawl with some friends and have a great time.   

For more information about Brawl you can check out this link!

That’s it for me! Until the next time keep slinging spells and casting cards.


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