WUHAN, CHINA - OCTOBER 22: A Persian cat sleeps during the 5th TICA international cat show at the Aoshan Shiji Plaza on October 22, 2016 in Wuhan, Hubei province, China. (Photo by Wang He/Getty Images)

No, this story is not a part of Zootopia! There is actually a cat that lives in New Zealand and is an honorary part of their police force. Tia the cat joined her owner one random day and has been paw-stively obsessed with working ever since. Earlier this month, she wore a high-visibility harness, which resembled a police officer’s checkered uniform in New Zealand. Her day in the office was heavily documented on Facebook.

In the video, the police station in Porirua, New Zealand filmed the cat walking all over her owner’s squad car as well as exploring his station. Once she was done looking around at her new surroundings, she took a nap.

According to the New Zealand Herald, a police spokeswoman states, “On this particular day, Tia was helping out our Scenes of Crime officers with some investigations.”

She went on to note, “She’s also pretty good at admin, paperwork, and the odd bit of light typing.”

New Zealand Police

What has four legs, a fluffy tail, and works for police? #tiathepolicecat #catsquad

Tia must have been a part of the police force in a past life. In the video, she seems like she has been there before! Naturally, her little day at the station went viral within moments. With the outpouring of love and support for Tia, she is definitely going to be welcomed back any day of the week.


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