Like KISS, Ozzy is in the middle of his second farewell tour. His first farewell tour, the "No More Tours" Tour, ran from June 9, 1992 to November 15, 1992. Ozzy would return to the road in 1995 with the appropriately titled "Retirement Sucks Tour."

1995, which is now 25 years ago, was a solid year for rock & roll. I recently took a look at my CD collection and noticed I still have 41 albums from ’95 in my physical music library.

Below I’ve assembled a list of those albums. I’ve supplied details and personal thoughts for 25 of my favorites listed in chronological order. Then added 5 I’ve deemed worthy of special mention, and because I don’t know when to quit, listed the others as I really do still own them.   Enjoy.



Five more worthy of an honorable mention:

3/14/1995       Encomium: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin    Various Artists

The Led Zeppelin tributes rage from great to….I wish I could unlisten to that. But the tracks from STP, Blind Melon, Cracker and Helmet make this disc worth keeping around.

5/8/1995         Short Bus                                             Filter

Recorded and mixed in Royal Oak, and it includes “Hey Man Nice Shot”, a big song for us during my Z-Rock years.

9/5/1995         American Standard                            Seven Mary Three

For some Seven Mary Three are a one and done band. I get that “Cumbersome” was the only enduring hit but take a listen to “My My”, “Favorite Dog” or a great song called “Water’s Edge”. This album is better than you remember. **** (4 Stars)

9/19/1995       Nola                                                    Down

Down was the merger of Phil Anselmo of Pantera and Pepper Keenan of C.O.C. It’s a heavy album full of grooves. Kind of like stoner/metal with an abrasive singer. It’s not for everyone but I still own it and still dig it.  *** (3 Stars)

9/21/1995       Paranoid & Sunburnt                          Skunk Anansie

If You have any idea who or what this band is you deserve a treat. My connection to the band and album happened in part due to a post-show hang with front-lady Skin after a gig at The Shelter.


The other discs from 1995 that are still in my personal collection:

1/30/1995       The Sky Moves Sideways – Porcupine Tree

2/28/1995       Manic Compression – Quicksand

3/27/1995       Frogstomp – Silverchair

4/3/1995         Live Bites – Scorpions

4/25/1995       Drift – Flotsam & Jetsam

5/23/1995       Sparkle and Fade – Everclear

5/23/1995       Pulse – Pink Floyd

6/13/1995       Menace to Sobriety – Ugly Kid Joe

7/11/1995       311 – 311

8/22/1995       Pet Your Friends – Dishwalla

10/3/1995       Lucy – Candlebox

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