Surviving Thanksgiving

We know what we’re bringing to dinner this Thursday!

Marijuana’s everywhere nowadays but if you’re looking to share a different kind of fuzzy feeling this holiday season you can now enjoy your Thanksgiving turkey with a side of weed-infused gravy. Buzzfeed’s Lara Parker found a cannabis-infused gravy mix by Kiva Confections.  This gravy’s “magic” is claimed to get immediately absorbed by the stomach, meaning it could get you high in as little as two minutes. The gravy passed Lara’s cooking and taste test and judging by the selfie she took 30 minutes after eating seven spoonfuls of it, her caption of “I’m high” seems pretty spot-on. Don’t get your hopes too high across weed-friendly states, though; Kiva Confections’ gravy packets are only available in some California dispensaries.

Weed-Infused Gravy Exists So Yes, I Will Be High During Thanksgiving

In my experience my edible has never taken longer than 90 minutes to hit, but alas, the 2 to 15 minutes timeline they claimed to have with this gravy still piqued my interest. And that's why I decided to make this gravy myself. Here's a look at the ingredients for anyone who is curious.