Chuck the Freak, James, Jade, and Jason from 101.1 WRIF finally got their hands on Van Leeuwen Kraft Mac N Cheese ice cream. This is a limited-edition ice cream between the Kraft Heinz Company and Van Leeuwen. The ice cream flavor was released for purchase on July 14th which is also National Macaroni and Cheese Day. Supplies sold out almost immediately but since the release, the product has been restocked and some of our WRIF Hooligans got their hands on some of the blue boxed pints!

Check out their reaction and their thoughts on this Kraft Mac N Cheese ice cream in this video:

To create this savory-sweet dessert, Van Leeuwen churned the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese flavor into its ice cream. They even go to the extent of saying its “the ice cream you never knew you needed.” Do you want to try some? Here is the link to their online store:!