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A Celine Dion superfan awoken to a kind of pleasant surprise? … depending on how you look at it.

Thomas Dodd who is now known as Celine Dion, is a self proclaimed semi obsessed Celine Dion superfan and had the idea for the name change while drunkenly watching a Celine Dion Holiday performance on YouTube. He blacked out while enjoying the performance and he completely forgot going through the name change process that night.  He only remembered once the official paperwork arrived in the mail.

He says that he has no plans to change it back, but that his mother does not find any humor in it and he is dreading telling his boss about his new name. His hoping this new name will secure him some backstage access at a future Celine Dion performance.


Celine Dion superfan wakes up to find he changed name to Celine Dion

Thomas Dodd - now known as Celine Dion - was watching one of her concerts Hospitality manager, 30, decided to pay £89 to officially take the singer's name Lifelong fan from Staffordshire says he has no plans to change his name back But he admits he is dreading telling bosses and mother has not seen funny side A Celine Dion superfan woke up after a drunken night to find he has changed his name by deed poll to Celine Dion.