Mugshot of the Day – What is the Beast Wanted For?

One of the Guys Who Played Barney the Dinosaur Got Death Threats???

A Man Slapped a Bear to Protect His Dogs and Girlfriend, He Did Not Die

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A Dunkin’ Manager Yells at a Woman for Changing Her Drive-Thru Order

An Uber Driver Outed a Guy Who Stopped to Pick Up His Mistress

What is a Big Girl in Trouble for Doing to a Dude?

Judge Orders Woman To Hand Over Book Of Nudes In Divorce

Douchebag of the Day: Grave Pisser!

A Rat Crawling in a Bin of Rice at a Restaurant in Minnesota

Woman Named “Grumpy” Stabs Husband At Goodwill!

Freak Accident Involves Falling Off A Roof, A Monkey Attack, And Impalement!

Someone’s Hacking the P.A. System on Flights and Making Moaning Sounds

Is Our Bad Ass of the Day Perhaps the Biggest Bad Ass of All Time?!?

Laziest Pervert Ever?

Woman Moons a Cop and Then Gets Tased!

A Pregnant Otter Stole a Surfer’s Board and Tried to Attack Him

A Boy in Timeout is Comforted by His Little Brother

Introducing the Weird-Ass Sport of “Arm Boxing”

The World’s Worst Public Toilet Is in Tajikistan . . . and Yes, It’s Gross

Grandma Is Pregnant…With Her Own Son’s Kid

Company Launches VaJayJay-Flavored Chips

Terror In the Sky! Airline Gave Passengers a Ukulele and Lessons on the Flight!

Half Naked Woman In Trouble After Birthday Celebration

A Thief Steals a Car and Then Got Stuck in Wet Pavement

ICYMI: A Grown Man Terrified When a Squirrel Invades His Study

Deputy Hospitalized After Eating Seized Drugs He Mistook For “Candy”

Police Officer on Leave After Online Porn Vid Surfaces!

Family Brawl Breaks Out Over Unmarked Chinese Takeout

6-Year-Old Face Plants on Bike Trail & Brushes It Off

Hoverboard Falls into Detroit River During Auto Show Demonstration

A Restaurant Sues After Someone Took Back a $3,000 Tip

A TV Weatherman Fired After Getting Busted Doing Something Dirty

A Beach in Brazil is Being Invaded by Crocodiles

Guy Makes Threats in Character as The Joker Then Claims He was Kidding!

Man Busts Out an Axe During a Fast Food Restaurant Fight!

Who Farted on Fox NFL Sunday?!

Meteor Lights Up Sky with Multi-Colored Display!

Truckload of Vibrators and Lube Spills All Over Highway

An International Chess Cheating Scandal Involves Anal Beads?!

Bluetooth Mouthpiece Muffles Your Voice for Phone Calls in Public

People Are Begging To Be Arrested By This French Cop!

Man Accused Of Selling Stolen Walmart Items In Store Parking Lot!

Teenager Making a Reel Near Railroad Tracks Gets Hit!

Police Officer Off Force After Racy OnlyFans Account Was Discovered

Guy Hired To Clean Up Junk, Just Dumps It On The Road

Stripper Performs at Senior Living Facility

This Baby’s Face After Tasting Ice Cream!