“Vogue” released their Seven Favorite TikTok videos of 2020.  They’re in no particular order.  They include “Dreams” skateboarder Nathan Apodaca . . . and Jack Black dancing to “WAP”.

Guy drinking cranberry juice riding a skateboard.

Guy vibing on his skateboard, listening to music, drinking cranberry juice.


There are also a couple of dancing challenges . . . the cute pug taking a “small bite” . . . the “Mi Pan Su Su Sum” Dancing Llama . . . and “theater kids and professionals” from all over collaborating on a socially-distanced “Ratatouille”.


The 7 Best TikTok Videos Of 2020

It's been a long, strange year for TikTok. In August, President Donald Trump issued an executive order banning the Chinese-owned video-sharing service that was blocked by a federal judge shortly after. But even the threat of restricted U.S. access hasn't affected its popularity; TikTok is bigger than ever, inspiring everything from design trends to cake-cutting methods.