The people over at Men’s Health have taken the time to compile the perfect list of movies for those of you who love horror and have way too much Christmas spirit! They tracked down the 19 most terrifying Christmas horror movies ever made.

Now the list is pretty extensive, they hit on newer holiday horror flicks like ‘Krampus,’ 80’s horror flicks like ‘Christmas Evil,’ super cheesy B-films like ‘Gingerdead Man,’ and even blockbuster hits like ‘Gremlins’! Not only do thy break down the synopsis of the films they also include the theatrical trailer!


The Most Terrifying Christmas Horror Movies Ever Made

Modern Christmas traditions we all know and love, like decorating trees and singing carols, actually began in England during the Victorian era, a time when Gothic fiction also enjoyed popularity. It's unsurprising, then, that Christmas Horror continues to delight and titillate centuries later.