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dave and chuck the freak

FaceTime Sex Positions You Can Try

Man Finds Car Buried In Yard While Working On Garden

Oregon Releases Coronavirus Sex PSA with Graphic Emojis

Dude Uses An SUV As A Slip ‘N Slide

James’ Cheesy Gordita Meltdown

James’ Cheesy Gordita Meltdown

Strip Club Launches Free VR Dances For Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Drunk Florida Man Peed All Over Good Samaritan’s Room

Dude Enjoys His Apple Store Experience A Little Too Much!

A 107 year old Florida man is still driving!

Divers Discover an Abandoned Underwater Strip Club!

Behind the Scenes of Jason Momoa’s Super Bowl Commercial

Minnie Mouse Puts a Serious Beatdown on a Security Guard

A Guy Wearing a Full Gas Mask Was Removed From A Flight

Wrong Guess on Wheel of Fortune

Check Out This Hawk’s “Head Stabilization” Technique

A Guy Walking in a Parking Lot Gets Barreled-Over by a Deer

Florida Man With Cocaine In Hat Says Drugs Aren’t His

Exercises That Make You A Better Lay

Dad Is A Master Multi-Tasker

Retired Wisconsin Teacher Fined After Admitting To Public Park Pooping

Gene Simmons Puts Ice Cubes in His Cereal and Twitter Freaks Out

A Kid Accidentally Swallowed AirPod Christmas Gift

Happy Nude Year!

A 1936 Newsreel About the “New” Dial Telephone

Florida Grubhub Driver Attacked Burger King Workers

Incidents Where Parents Learned Their Kids Were Stupid

Couple Mistakes Robotic Vacuum For Home Intruder

Ode to Florida Man: A look back at the unofficial state mascot’s journey through 2019

Utah Man Implants Tesla Key and Other Chips Into His Hands

Bank Robber Throws Money on the Street and Yells ‘Merry Christmas!’

The Decade’s Most Disappointing Gadgets

Man Arrested in Florida for Handing Out Marijuana ‘Because it was Christmas’

Watch This Woman Seamlessly Nail 21 Accents in One Take

This Christmas Commercial May Make You Cry

Amazon Adds Alexa Feature to Try and Stop Christmas Arguments

A Lonely Man With a Heart of Gold Is Given a Holiday Surprise

Are These the Ten Most Stressful Things About the Holidays?

Cheated-On Girl Rides Car Roof Then Stomps On It With Rage

How Not To Drive An ATV Over A Small Waterfall

Baxter’s Hammer


A Funny Sketch About “What Are Men Really Thinking”

Does This Michigan Man Really Think a Possum is a Koala Bear?

A Dog Rockin’ to the Beat of House of Pain

Future James?!?

Bad Times: Plane Shoots Out Flames!

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Hand-Me-Down Underwear


Jack in the Box is Trying to Cash in on the Chicken Sandwich Game

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The Casual Gamer – Episode 8


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Have You Seen the “Hallway Pizza Guy?”