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The frontman from The Ocean breaks both of his legs but still finishes the show, Bruce Dickinson recalls why he left Iron Maiden in the 1990s, The Voice of Finland has a heavy metal contestant and Jesse Leach lists his top 5 metal vocalists this week in Midnight Metal News!

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  • The Frtontman from The Ocean Breaks Both Legs, Finishes Show

    Vocalist Loïc Rossetti of The Ocean earned his heavy metal stripes last week at one of their shows in Los Angeles where Rosetti broke BOTH of his legs and then hauled himself onstage and finished the show in a wheelchair!
    On Facebook the band didn’t go into detail on how Rosetti broke his legs but stated he has four fractures in total and will need surgery.


    Posted by The Ocean Collective on Thursday, March 24, 2022
  • Bruce Dickinson Recalls Why He Left Iron Maiden in the 1990s

    In a recent Q&A, Bruce Dickenson recalled quitting Iron Maiden back in the 90s.

    ”Honestly, I was as surprised as anybody else,” said Dickenson. “I just thought that if I stayed with Maiden forever, all I would learn about was what it was like to be in Maiden. And because, unless you left, nobody would take anything that you did seriously.” So that’s just what he did. Dickinson is currently doing a spoken word tour but will rejoin the band for a tour of the new material in May.




  • A Heavy Metal Contestant on The Voice of Finland

    Televised singing competitions and metalheads typically don’t go together, but Finnish metalhead Paavo Laapotti has been slaying Finland’s version of The Voice lately.

    Last month he rocked a cover of Tenacious D’s ‘Master Exploder’ and battled another contestant with a duet of Slipknot’s ’Duality’. He also sent a video of the performance to Kyle Gass, which resulted in an offer to fly him out to Los Angeles to perform with Gass’ band Trainwreck. We’ll see how he does on The Voice of Finland.


  • Jesse Leach Lists His Top 5 Metal Vocalists

    Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage listed his top five metal vocalists while talking to website The Pit.

    Jonas Renkse from Katatonia and George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher rounded out spots 5 and 4, Lars Petrov from Entombed and Mike Patton came in at 3 and 2. And his number one?  Dan Swano, from Edge of Sanity. Who are your favorites? Let us know on our Facebook page!



  • Midnight Metal News as Heard on the Show

    Here’s Midnight Metal News as it was heard on the April 1, 2022 episode of the show!