Many Tik Tok users are trying to paint this woman as a villain because she refused to give up her first-class seat on an airplane. TikTok user @maresasd was approached by a family who asked if they could change seats with her so the family could all sit together on the plane. Her response? “No.” Her reason? She paid for a first-class seat and had no intention of moving to coach class because of their poor planning. You can see her original video here.

By the looks of the comment section, reactions are mixed. There’s a flight attendant who jumped into the comments to say that they see this kind of maneuver all the time: parents trying to use their kids to shame people out of their preferred seats. The original video has been seen 3.5 million times. After some negative comments, “Maresasd” decided to post this video to tell the whole story.

That’s when another commenter was, as he put it, “triggered.” Here’s what he said about it. The individual said the video “triggered” them, and they would gladly switch a first-class seat, even if it were just because someone preferred a window to an aisle. “You’re going to be so elitist that you’re like, ‘No, I got my seat, that’s it,’ and everybody in the comments is like, ‘Rah!’”

Here are Maresasd’s final thoughts on the situation.

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