Did you miss this week’s Midnight Metal? Hear something and wonder “who was that?” Here’s what you heard on this week’s edition of Midnight Metal:

The Black Dahlia Murder – What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
The Black Dahlia Murder – Statutory Ape
The Black Dahlia Murder – Verminous

Misery Index – The Eaters and the Eaten
Anthrax – The Devil You Know
Behemoth – Demigod
Broken Oldies – Broken Oldies
Mercyful Fate – Curse of the Pharaohs
Norma Jean – Landslide Defeater
Suicide Silence – Thinking in Tongues

Mastodon – Teardrinker
Soilwork – Stabbing the Drama
Testament – Brotherhood of the Snake

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Midnight Metal News - May 13th 2022

  • Trevor Strnad of TBDM Passes Away

    We were all caught off guard this week when The Black Dahlia Murder announced the passing of their lead singer Trevor Strnad.
    The band shared this devastating news via their Instagram account. We remembered Trevor with a three-song block of TBDM to start off this week’s episode, which you can listen to on demand with our YouTube video playlist. Trevor Strnad was 41.




  • Judas Priest to Be Honored by R&R Hall of Fame

    Judas Priest will represent at this year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. While Priest aren’t among the performers being inducted, they are receiving the ‘Musical Excellence Award,’ and former member K.K. Downing is thrilled that current and former members will be among the lineup honored with the award.

    Speaking with Rolling Stone, Rob Halford indicated he would be open to perform with Downing, who’s had a lot of terrible things to say about Priest’s current lineup. “As I said before, you’ve got to push aside anything that gets in the way,” Halford explained. “You’ve got to remove the emotional clutter and just reference this great celebration.”





  • Rob Zombie Shot Down Former-Guitarist’s Idea

    Former-Rob Zombie guitarist Mike Riggs spoke with Ultimate Guitar about his rather unique hollow body Fernandes Vertigo guitar and an idea he had for it that was vetoed by Rob.

    “I came up with the idea of a clear guitar you can put different stuff in…originally I had a ‘dead’ albino snake I was going to put in it and I had the idea to add rotten meat that would fill up with maggots,” said Riggs. “Rob [Zombie] said something like ‘it’s going to stink up the trailer,’” so Riggs stuck with just blood from a meat packing plant in Austin Texas.




  • A Joke Turned in to a Mastodon Bass Solo

    In a new interview with Guitar World, Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders revealed that the bass solo in their latest single Teardrinker started out as a joke the band ended up actually considering.

    “When we were writing the song, the guitar players wrote two bridge parts that would be perfect for guitar solos, and trying to figure out which part would be better for each guy, and I jokingly said, ‘I’ll just put a bass solo on the first one, and one of you guys can do a guitar solo on the second.’” Sanders continued, ”everybody giggled and the next morning, I went to the studio early before everybody got there and I tracked a loose bass solo on that first bridge part. When the guys showed up, I said, ‘Hey, I recorded that bass solo that I was talking about,’ and played it back to them and they all liked it.”




  • Midnight Metal News as Heard on This Week’s Episode

    Here’s Midnight Metal News, as heard on this week’s show!