Did you miss this week’s Midnight Metal? Hear something and wonder “who was that?” Here’s what you heard on this week’s edition of Midnight Metal:

Slaughter to Prevail – Demolisher
Judas Priest – Painkiller
Misery Index – The Eaters and the Eaten

Wolf – Shadowland
Anthrax – Madhouse
Nagazi – March of the Serpents
Bad Omens – Artificial Suicide
Black Sabbath – Lady Evil
Vein.fm – Orgy in the Morgue

Megadeth – The Threat is Real
Shadow of Intent – From Ruin…We Rise
Generation Kill – Never Relent (ft. Gary Holt)

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Midnight Metal News - March 18th 2022

  • New Movie from Tom Morello, ‘Metal Lords’, Coming to Netflix

    Weeks after Dave Grohl released a thrash banger for his ‘Studio 666’ horror movie, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello has tried his hand at the genre with the original song Machinery of Torment for his upcoming Netflix original movie ‘Metal Lords’.
    The song was written by Tom, who serves as the movie’s executive music producer, and performed by the fictional band Skullflower from the movie.
    Morello describes the movie as a story of kids trying to get their first band together and having a dream, but perhaps not having the technical ability or the artistic vision to make that dream real. ‘Metal Lords’ hits Netflix April 8th.


  • Robb Flynn Joins Exodus on Stage

    Videos surfaced online last week of a show in West Oakland, California, where Exodus were joined on stage by former guitarist Rick Hunolt, alongside Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn for a handful of tunes.
    Meanwhile, former Exodus Frontman Steve “Zetro” Souza recounted the worst show he ever played with the band for the ‘Put Up Your Dukes’ podcast with another ex-Exodus vocalist Rob Dukes. “I remember we were on the ‘Headbangers Ball’ tour and we were in New Orleans and they’ve got drink places right on the street,” said Souza. “I’m all, ‘What do you got that kind of tastes like a Slurpee?’ They’re all, ‘I have a Hurricane.’ I [had] five of them. I went on stage, and I couldn’t even remember the words and I was spinning. it was just awful. Gary was none too happy with me.”


  • A Roundup of New Music to Look Forward To

    Alexisonfire announced that their first record in 13 years comes out June 24th.



    In Flames have confirmed they are done recording their new record,



    Ex-Pantera bassist Rex Brown and current Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner have recorded a new album together that has yet to get a release date.



    Dave Mustaine has confirmed the new Megadeth record ‘The Sick, The Dying, And The Dead’ should be out on July 8, after COVID related delays.


  • Midnight Metal News As Heard On The Show

    Here’s the news, as heard on the March 18, 2022 episode of Midnight Metal!