Wolfgang Van Halen took to Twitter to take TMZ to task for releasing details of Eddie Van Halen’s death certificate.

The gossip/celebrity news outlet shared the listed cause of death of the late guitar icon was a stroke, which led to Wolfgang to tweet simply, “TMZ is scum.”

After someone took issue with Wolfgang’s comment, he replied, “Oh get f—ed AND blocked. I’ve got every right in the world to call people scum who release private information about my family. F— them and f— you…If you f— with my family, especially my father who is unable to defend himself, you f— with me. It’s my job to do so now and I’ll never stop. So if you’ve got a problem with that, you can either learn how to get over it or unfollow me.”

Wolfgang made comments about social media recently on Talkin' Rock with Meltdown saying, “…It’s a necessary evil. These days, it’s definitely important to take some sanity breaks, but I think I’ve hit my stride and how I deal with the insanity of it.”

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