Well I got to experience my first BIG show as the WRIF rock girl yesterday and Metallica was the perfect concert to welcome me in. I’ll start by saying it was a show I’ll never forget. I’ve never seen Metallica live, nor Avenged Sevenfold. UNFORTUNATELY I missed Volbeat which I am not the happiest about, BUT, while I could hear them well down the street, I was busy meeting with some amazing, dedicated fans of the station. I ran into some familiar faces of listeners that I’ve previously met, as well as new faces that I’m sure will become familiar to me soon enough. I started out at the Fillmore where I challenged some listeners to play a few songs on the Metallica version of Guitar Hero in front of a pretty decent sized crowd! That was honestly such a blast. Shortly after, I made my way over to Cheli’s Chili and then the Elwood Bar, where I hung out and got amped up for the show with everyone downtown!

Walking around downtown and at Comerica, it really was awesome to meet people who listen to the station that are a fan of ME….. I have got to say it is so different and not anything I’m used to, but I appreciate it and love the experience! My good friend Pasquale that I brought with me was telling me it’s like walking around with a damn celebrity because people kept running up to me and asking for pictures, introducing themselves, saying hey and just letting me know I’m doing a great job. It was very flattering. Despite the EXTREME humidity and heat yesterday, Pasquale, myself and the WRIF crew certainly all had an amazing time. The stage was just massive, and the crowd even bigger. I’m such a fan of live music in general, but this particular concert was exciting because you could see and feel the energy of the crowd. And not only that, but Metallica as a group really gave their fans a good show. There wasn’t any holding back and you could tell. There’s got to be something about Detroit City and the people in it that makes musicians really feel it and give a good performance. And I’m proud to say this is where I’m from. I’m so happy I got to rock with a ton of listeners at this amazing show. And I can not wait for more to come! Make sure you check out some pictures below from last nights shenanigans! There are more pictures to come… (as soon as the promo team sends them my way)

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