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Avatar announce a summer tour, Testament, Exodus and Death Angel add another leg to their tour, Dragonforce perform a country cover, Geezer Butler recalls what it was like to work with Rick Rubin and ‘Holy Diver’ hits a major milestone this week in Midnight Metal News!

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  • Avatar Announce Summer Tour

    Avatar have announced that after putting in the work on their ninth studio album, they’ll be out on the road this summer with Light the Torch and Otep.
    “They don’t let us out much while we make our albums, so this summer will most likely turn out very dangerous for everyone involved,” the band announced. “We are here to destroy every single moment of summer time serenity.” That tour will bring them to the Upheaval Festival in Grand Rapids in July.


  • Testament, Exodus, Death Angel Add a Second Leg to Their Tour

    A tour that will be in our area next Thursday, the Testament, Exodus and Death Angel tour, has added a Second leg to kick off in September.

    Chuck Billy of Testament explained, “We’ve all been having a killer time playing a lot of sold-out shows for diehard metal fans across the U.S. and we wanna keep the party rolling!”



  • Dragonforce Cover a Country Song

    While playing the Baltimore Soundstage last month, Dragonforce chose to do a cover that required some banjo and a few extra guitarists.

    So, who did they get? Guitarist Sam Totman on banjo with Master Sword’s Kojo Kamya and the legendary Paul Reed Smith of PRS Guitars.




  • Geezer Butler Recalls Working With Rick Rubin

    Rick Rubin is a legendary producer, but, according to Geezer Butler, his work on Black Sabbath’s 13 wasn’t a smooth process.

    “The first thing Rubin said to us, He played us our very first album, and he said, ‘Cast your mind back to when there was no such thing as heavy metal and pretend it’s the follow-up album to that’ It was a weird experience.”




  • ‘Holy Diver’ Hits a Major Milestone

    Ronnie James Dio’s debut solo album ‘Holy Diver’ was certified double-platinum recently, meaning the album has sold 2-million copies.



  • Midnight Metal News as Heard on This Week’s Episode

    Here’s Midnight Metal News, as heard on this week’s show!