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When is the Right time to take your Christmas tree down?-Screamin Scott

Thinking about this today because this Christmas had a few surprises. Started this year by breaking a tradition at the Randall Ranch by having a fake tree. My father was tossing his out as it has become too hard for him to set up. So guess who got the tree? I only said yes to the tree because my wife wanted a fake one. I caved and put it up this year and fully decorated it.  The funny part is my wife knew I love a real tree so she thought I was disappointed. Well, while I was working my shift this past week from 7pm to Midnight she went and got a real tree and switched it while I was at work. To my surprise, I came home and it actually took me a while to notice the real tree. The smell of a real tree just makes the holiday feel better and we once again enjoyed the tradition of a real one! The question remains though:  When is the right time to take your Christmas tree down? To me, it's a personal preference and a safety concern as the dryness of the tree becomes a fire hazard. I always remember the 12 Days of Christmas rule. Starting the day after Christmas count 12 days and on the 12th day, it goes to the curb.  If you're superstitious about these things, taking a tree down before New Year's Day risks bringing all your bad luck with you into the new year. Largely, I've found the majority of people like to take their trees down the first week of January. Fake trees are not much to worry about. Remember people celebrate Christmas in July. The best part is there is no right or wrong answer to this question. So as far as I'm concerned, take it down whenever you want! [caption id="attachment_934583" align="alignnone" width="300"] Real Screamin Christmas Tree[/caption] [select-listicle listicle_id="933902" syndication_name="my-must-watch-christmas-classics-screamin-scott" description="yes"]

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