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Judas Priest released their debut album Rocka Rolla nearly 50 years ago. In that time, they’ve managed to endure in the face of many trends. It’s something singer Rob Halford doesn’t take for granted. Despite being grateful, The Metal God still hasn’t forgotten how metal bands were treated when new musical sensations came along.

Halford touched on this experience in a new interview with Metal Hammer. He says, “When disco came along, the entire industry seemed to turn its back on metal. It was tough for a lot of us, particularly when we were making [1977’s] ‘Sin After Sin,’ because everyone was telling us metal was dead, it’s all about punk, but we just took a wait-and-see approach. Now, globally, metal is mainstream in ways they’d never have predicted, and it’s inspiring people around the world.”

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Fortunately, Priest held on through the big emergence of disco and punk. Once the ’80s hit, so did the band. Their breakthrough album British Steel was released in 1980, followed by 1981’s Point of Entry and 1982’s Screaming for Vengeance. With the success of British Steel, there was certainly a sense of accomplishment.

“Finally, we could pay the rent and afford a bottle of milk for our cereal!” said Halford.

The Metal God continues to be a leader in the rock world, especially for those seeking a sober life. The past January, Halford celebrated 37 years of sobriety. In a video he shared via Instagram, he said, in part, “I believe we never stop growing and searching to find ways to do anything that improves not only our lives but also for all those we love. None of this is easy and it wasn’t meant to be. We constantly have to work and dig deep into every aspect of ourselves to stay clean and sober.”

5 Classic Rock Disco Tracks We All Love (Admit It!)

Rock and disco: They’re two genres that are sworn enemies. But during disco’s heyday, it managed to sneak its way into songs by some of the biggest rock acts ever.

One of the best examples is KISS, whose 1979 studio album Dynasty is known for being heavily influenced by disco. The biggest hit off the album is “I Was Made For Lovin’ You.” Despite being a hit on the Billboard Hot 100, it’s a track that continues to divide some fans and even members of the band.

In fact, Gene Simmons said in a new interview that he absolutely hates one part of the song. That part? All the high register “Do, do, do” backing vocals.

“I hate it to this day, ” said everyone’s favorite blood-spitting Demon. “Except, stadium-fulls of people … they jump around like biblical locusts … ‘Do, do, do’ … and so I play along.”

In honor of Simmons’ love-hate relationship with the song, here’s a brief look at five classic rock disco tracks we all love. Admit it; it’s hard to deny these earworms.

  • KISS - 'I Was Made For Loving You'

    This ridiculously catchy track features a songwriting credit from Desmond Child, who also helped co-write massive hits for Aerosmith (“Angel,” “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)”), Bon Jovi (“Living On A Prayer,” “Bad Medicine”) and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts (“I Hate Myself For Loving You”.)

  • Blondie - 'Heart of Glass'

    This song was controversial for two reasons:  Blondie was a punk band and because the song features the phrase “pain in the ass,” which made some radio stations nervous to play it.  What a simpler time!

  • Pink Floyd - 'Run Like Hell'

    While not an overt dive into disco, you have to admit that this track from The Wall is definitely disco-influenced, at the very least. (And it’s just such a killer groove.)

  • The Rolling Stones - 'Miss You'

    Play “Miss You” at any wedding, and I guarantee the dance floor will be immediately packed. Plus, this might be the hookiest hook Mick Jagger and Keith Richards ever wrote.

  • Rod Stewart - 'Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?'

    A list about classic rock disco tracks just isn’t complete without this Rod Stewart gem. We’ve all danced to it in front of our bedroom mirrors. We’ve all cranked it while in the car. And if you say you haven’t, you’re either a liar or just don’t know how to live.

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